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Digital Trends Wrap-Up

Digital Trends Wrap-Up

Social Media

  • Facebook has changed the way videos are ranked in the News Feed. Find out what this means for your page here.
  • Twitter has begun rolling out their new Explore tab. Learn more here.
  • Facebook is testing out Facebook Stories, similar to Instagram Stories, in select countries. Read more here.
  • Click here to learn about Facebook’s most recent update to Trending topics.
  • Tumblr has introduced stickers and filters for photos and GIFs in the Tumblr app. Read more here.
  • LinkedIn has overhauled their desktop site, the largest redesign since the platform’s inception. Take a look here.
  • Pinterest is rolling out ad groups to give publishers more control over their campaigns. Learn more here.
  • In the coming weeks, Instagram Business Tools will now include insights on stores. Read more here.


  • Google Releases “Intrusive Mobile Interstitial” Penalty. As we reported several months back, January 2017 is the month that Google begins to roll out its latest penalty. Google will now penalize specific pages that have “intrusive” interstices, specifically types of ad pop-ups and invasive CTAs. Learn about the penalty in detail here.
  • Google is Making Improvements to AMP Ads. Google is working with new partners to make ads load faster and easier through AMPs, proving that Google’s devotion to the AMP project remains strong. Find out more about the new initiative here.
  • Google Testing a Replacement for the Mobile Local Pack. In the test, the Local Pack is replaced with Local Inventory Ads (LIAs). This test affects mobile-search only. Find out more about the change here.
  • 200 Sites Banned by Google for Promoting Fake News. Since November of 2016, Google has permanently banned 200 publishers from its ad networks for promoting misrepresentative content. Learn more about Google’s bad ads report here.
  • Study Shows Voice Users Want Answers Not Options. 60% of voice users want more direct answers and fewer lists of search results when they ask their digital personal assistant a question. See more statistics here.
  • Google Analytics Interprets Google Home Requests as Direct Traffic. All clicks from the Google Home app are being recorded as Direct Traffic in GA, however an argument is being made by SEOs that it should count as Organic. Find out more about the process here.
  • New Study Finds Google Uses Google Search to Put Its Products on Top. An analysis from SEMRush revealed that Google puts its products in the top position of related search results, from tech hardware to music service, 91% of the time. Learn more about the discoveries here.
  • A.I. Is Increasing its Role in PPC Automation. Learn how machine learning and A.I. play into the PPC industry in this article from AdWords expert Frederick Valleys. Click here.
  • Report Shows AMP results in Google News Have More Than Doubled. The report provides evidence that the best way to get your content found in Google News is to employ AMPs. See more here.
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